About Us

The #TellMeYourStory Community has robust participation of Authors, Writers, Journalists & Professors and others.

One stop spot for all kinds of content development services through a community of talented writers and experienced supervisors.

#TellMeYourStory has built a strong community of authors and writers from various professional and educational disciplines, whose expertise is employed to service content creation, content development and training.

Business Storytelling is one of our premium services where stories are used in Brand Communications. We offer a unique space for corporate and government bodies to reflect the efficacy and impact of their initiatives. A complete ecosystem has been created to support and empower such long term and deep-rooted marketing vision

While writing, editorial, research and content building solutions are provided with unrelenting focus on industry-friendly designs, our core team also conducts effective workshops for academic and corporate audience covering diverse topics related to communications, storytelling, creative writing, brand building and more. Most of the chair-holders in team #TellMeYourStory are professional public speakers with vast experiences and celebrated credentials. Our short courses are structured to address formal and informal groups and gatherings. These courses are also designed for various levels of corporate and academic audience.

The #TellMeYourStory community has robust participation of authors/writers, journalists, professors etc. along with many unemployed talents consisting on senior citizens, students and home-makers, who are waiting to find engagement though circumstances don’t allow them to go out and work.

#TellMeYourStory is dedicated to make the two ends meet, where employer’s requirements are serviced by employment seekers offering content services. The rich in-house team of #TellMeYourStory assumes supervising role to ensure that quality isn’t compromised by any count and that the submissions meet employer’s expectations.