The #TellMeYourStory Community has robust participation of Authors, Writers, Journalists & Professors and others.


“Marketing is no more about the stuff that you make, but about the stories that you tell.” Seth Godin

Stories are an age-old communication tool which resonates traditionally and culturally across the world. It is a medium where the audience becomes an external character and experiences things along with the characters of the story.

They imprint an image in the audience mind, and promotes awareness, without sounding too obvious. Also, it is an effective medium to connect and engage with people through shared values by conveying morals and ethics, awakening emotions, sharing knowledge, thus inspiring the audience to THINK, FEEL and ACT! If executed properly, storytelling can make communications more engaging, more impactful and more motivating for brands.

We offer our consultancy in effectively strategizing “stories” to drive Marketing goals.