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While swimming through a life full of mundane activities, bored souls need a distraction and direction. Training is imparted by our experts through Workshops, Speeches and Short Courses. Our Training Solutions aims to boost confidence and communications, along with creative thinking and analytical reasoning.

Workshops offered by our star speakers are fun, goal-oriented and full of rich learning. Depending upon the end-goal of the organiser, workshops are customised. Point-to-point planning goes in remodelling the audience to delivering expected results.

  • Storytelling for children
  • Leadership development
  • Creative Writing
  • Communications
  • Identify and fight depression
  • Branding of products and services, and Self Branding
  • Motivational Talks
  • Others

Having been-there-done-that, our eminent speakers have crossed various stages of personal and professional hurdles, won over challenges, crossed barriers and steered through impossible targets to finally meet success. Their journeys and qualifications have blessed them with experiences and knowledge, which they interpret for audience of various levels with utmost simplicity, referring to real life examples of self and others.

  • Motivational talks
  • Theme based talks
  • Academic lectures
  • Talks for the Corporate
  • Event- Specific talks
  • Entrepreneurial talks
  • Issue or Opinion speeches
  • Others

Our courses will not only aim at improving written and spoken English, but they will also target some basic manners which must be followed while communicating. A harmless joke, a spontaneous ill-placed statement often sounds offensive because they communicate lack of respect towards the audience. The courses are also open for children where the participants will unlearn the colloquial mobile language and embrace cultural and constructive modes of communication. The courses will be conducted by renowned experts in the concerned fields. These are autonomous courses where participants will receive certificates from us, unless we offer the courses through a school or college or institute.

  • Creative Writing (including Fiction and non-fiction writing)
  • Communications (including letters, emails, language, spoken English, etc.)
  • Soft skills training
  • Consumer Care (basic and advanced skills required to leave a lasting impression)
  • Art of Public Speaking
  • Management Skill Development
  • Cultural aspects of communication
  • Others